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I have used the circle method. This means, I have drawn a circle, drew everyone's names from a hat, and then placed them one by one on that circle.
This method allows everyone to be included regardless of an even or odd number of participants. <3
And yes, I used a hat and everything. Lol! xD

:bulletblue: Part Two
Alright, we can wait no longer. If you have received a character that doesn't have a few sentences meant to help you out, you have full creative reign to design whatever you'd like! :)
If for some reason someone doesn't complete this part of the challenge, I will personally design five outfits for that poor left out character. Tsk tsk to those that would leave anyone out though, as they will not be able to join the next event. (Unless we have discussed it, as there may be exceptions)

Part two is harder, so each artist will have 3 weeks for this section. Therefore, this will end September 9, 2015! ^^

:bulletred: Here is the Line Up! Person listed to the left, draws 3 or more outfits for the character listed to the right! ^^
Read the descriptions of your selected character. If there are sentences there providing description, likes, dislikes, etc, please use them as a guideline, but don't feel pressure to make things the way  the character owner would. This is meant to be creative and fun. :D

If the base provided is too difficult for you to use, whether because it is digital, and you use traditional, or vice versa, you may create your own base of that character. However, you must keep the same features, AND body shape, of that character. ^^

:iconillustratedjai: --->  Prela: Wardrobe base by PhoenixShaman

:iconinsanemonkey46: ---> Keraade - OC Maniac Wardrobe Challenge by IllustratedJai

:iconconfusion-delusion: ---> Mel : Wardrobe challenge base by InsaneMonkey46

:icond-curi: ---> Wardrobe Challenge part 1 by Confusion-Delusion

:iconrosedragonfire: ---> Chen wardrobe Challenge by D-Curi

:iconmeoagcat: ---> Rose - Wardrobe Challenge Pt1 by RoseDragonfire

:iconkhurulli-x: ---> Piper base by MeoAgcat

:iconsillyewe: ---> Wardrobe Challenge Pt1 - Minori Kurenai by Khurulli-x

:iconxxwarrior-angelxx: ---> Diego Doll Base by SillyEwe

:iconkimiko-fullmoon: ---> the-OC-maniacs Wardrobe Challenge by xXWarrior-AngelXx

:iconphoenixshaman: ---> Wardrobe challenge: Kimiko Base by kimiko-fullmoon

Alright, that's all that's needed for part two. Please submit these submissions to the Contest Folder, and post them here if you could. It helps me keep track to have them in two places.
Be mindful of the deadline! <3
If you have a question, feel free to ask. Please check to make sure it isn't addressed in the full description. <3


:bulletblue: Wardrobe Challenge Full Description
And Examples

The idea of this challenge is to have each participant draw their own characters in their underwear, and in a rather generic pose.
You must then attach one or two sentences that describe your character and their setting. (Helps the Second Artist)
Once everyone has submitted their character base, we will then trade them around.
Once you receive someone else's character base, you must draw at least three outfits for that character. Ex: Seasonal, Formal, Sleepwear, etc.

Here are some examples of the before and after. ^^

My Character: Rose - Wardrobe Challenge Pt1 by RoseDragonfire  
- I stated that my character loves lace/sheer/flowy materials, and would likely be in either a fantasy or modern setting.

Art By Cupcakechan:  photo Rose by Cupcakechan_zpsl9tldhn9.png

Cupcakechan's Character:  photo tumblr_nmgy2sm5in1r0j01eo1_540_zpsepdydvdn.png
- Cupcake chose not to mention her characters favorite clothing type, and merely gave a setting. In this case, a modern one. Amai chose to make her outfits for winter, summer, and sleeping.

Art By AmaiNeiko : Day 92 OC Challenge part 2 by AmaiNeiko


sometimes the bases we are given cannot be translated into our own styles. How do we overcome this, as we don't want anyone to be left out? Maybe you're a traditional artists without a printer? Maybe the angle they drew their base in is a bit beyond your comfort level? These are completely reasonable obstacles, and there is of course an acceptable way around them. :)

If for any reason you can't use the base provided, you are welcome  to design your own base, BUT, and I must stress this, it is important that you stay true to the character's appearance and body type. We are designing these outfits for the specifically provided character, so it is of course important to not scratch the original character design aspect of it. Lol. xD

An Example of such an occurrence:

This was the base I was given:
This was what I provided: (The original poster didn't quite understand the challenge, but I tried to include her anway. From her image I gathered the girl was bottom heavy, smaller chested, and in a modern setting. I kept her ponytail as well, to help further identify her. ^^

I don't suspect that you'll have a similar problem to the one above, as it is a bit of an extreme case, but I think it still provides an example of what to look for if you must recreate a base of the character provided. ^^
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The White Rabbit


The Holy Ones


OCrit Crew




:star:OCPiggy Our little piggy bank is still collecting points to try and get our super group status back.:star:

PIGGY STATUS: 640/5000

Additional Info:
:bulletred: Submit your join requests once only. Unless it has been stated in your Correspondence messages that it has expired, DO NOT send in the SAME request more than once.

Besides, sending in the same request more than once would only increase the number of stuff we have to approve and makes the approval of your join/submission slower.

You can only submit two images a week to this group. Make it count.
Unless you are a comic folder owner.

Fan Characters
"Our rules regarding fan characters are as follows:
:bulletred:NOT ALLOWED: blood relatives, legal relatives, evil twins, clones, or any other variation of any canon character.
:bulletred:NOT ALLOWED: Personifications of, gijinka of, or gender swaps of any canon character.
:bulletred:NOT ALLOWED: Boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses of any canon character.
:bulletred:NOT ALLOWED: Any pieces that contain canon characters in there.
:bulletred:CONTESTS ONLY: Your FCs/OCs cosplaying as canon characters. Not in regular submissions.
:bulletred:ALLOWED:Fan characters who are visually distinct from canon characters and therefore not wearing the same clothes, colors, etc. The key criterion we will use is that people should not be able to mistake your FC for a canon character from that setting. Of course, if they look like someone from another canon setting, that happens a lot by accident, and that's okay.
:bulletred:Make sure your FCs go into the "Fan characters" folder. All other folders are for purely original characters.

Ideally, we would like fan characters who were created nearly from scratch, and based off the setting's universe itself, rather than its existing characters or plot."

:bulletred: NOT ALLOWED: Mature content- exposed genitalia, extreme gore. Yuri/yaoi and mild nudity are okay if it doesn't have these.
:bulletred: NOT ALLOWED: Premade bases/traces.
:bulletred: NOT ALLOWED: Sketches or obviously incomplete work. We have standards.
:bulletred: NOT ALLOWED: We have never accepted (consciously) sketch dumps in the past, and we still won't. Please take consideration in the art you submit to us as you only get to do it twice a week.
:bulletred: NOT ALLOWED: Theft is unacceptable and will result in banning and a report to the dA team.
:bulletred: Memes must have OCs in them.
:bulletred: Photomanipulations. Must give credit to and have permission from the sources used.
:bulletred: NO ADOPTABLE SALES. However, finished work of an adoptable you own and have properly fleshed out into an actual character is okay.
:bulletred: Be polite and you will be treated politely in return.

:bulletred: Comics and comic covers go into "Comic art" or if you own a comic folder, in there.
:bulletred:"Digital Art" and "Traditional Art" are for FINISHED character drawings ONLY. No line arts, or reference sheets.
:bulletred:"Featured" and "Contest" are for admin use only. Subfolders in "Contests" may be opened when a contest is active.
:bulletred: All character reference sheets, go into "Character Sheets".
:bulletred: All completed Line Art goes into the "Line Art" folder. (No sketches or doodles; completed work only)
:bulletred: "Animation", "Cosplay" "Tutorials" and "Memes" should be all self-explanatory. Anything not appropriate going in each will be declined.
:bulletred: "Crafts: is where all the plushies, dolls and OC-related handcrafts go. Drawings or literature of any kind will be declined.
:bulletred: Fan characters should go into the "fan characters" folder.

:bulletblue: Please don't be afraid to come and ask us any questions, make suggestions or simply come for a chat!
:bulletblue: We ask everyone for their cooperation in keeping this group going smoothly and comfortably. Please help us by keeping an eye on the galleries for very rare cases of art theft, or in case we missed something nasty.
:bulletblue: On the off chance that we hold a challenge or competition, please join, it makes the group more fun for all of us.
:bulletblue: Interact with your fellow group members: We are not just a dumping ground, this group has been around for seven years now, it would be sad if people had forgotten how to make friends as that is our route: Friendship.
:bulletblue: If you have a comic that is at least 20 pages long. Please ask and we MIGHT assign you a folder to post one page daily in. These are temporary folders and will be deleted after 2 months if they become inactive.
:bulletblue: Continue to improve on your art. <3


:police: Please refrain from advertising your group on our homepage. If you wish to affiliate, then kindly maneuver your pointer to the Affiliate button on the left side of this page, or as stated, ask us. Thank you.

For more contests: :iconanothercontestgroup:
This group is officially part of :icongrouple:

If you wish to affiliate with us, please just ask and join us :)

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OddStitchLips Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello !
Do you accept French OCs? :)
RoseDragonfire Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Characters that are French, Characters whose Bios are written in French, or Characters from something called French?
All would be acceptable really, so long as they follow our rules on what can be shown, and what folder it should be placed in. ^^
OddStitchLips Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Characters whose Bios and Stories are written in french. :)
Thanks for the quick answer ! ^^
RoseDragonfire Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! :D
Also, we look forward to meeting them! <3
Penguinpyromaniac Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We accept all OCs. Just remember to read the rules on our front page.
OddStitchLips Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you ! :)
Rayluaza Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Student General Artist
Is it possible to post other people's OC's? I do not claim, at all, that they're mine, they were simply requests for other people's OC's. 
RoseDragonfire Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, yes, that's allowed. The art just needs to be yours, and so long as you place them in the correct folders, all is well.  ^^
Penguinpyromaniac Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We do allow it, although if those OCs are fan characters (not in an original setting of their own), we request they be put into the "fan characters" folder.
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