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150,914 Pageviews4,960 Watchers
:star:Send a note to the group! Comments will not be seen, sadly. :noes:
:star:Also, PLEASE send a link to your journal, a price average (ex: 200-1000 points at base price), and available payment methods.
:star:Commissionees are now alphabetically ordered!
:bulletred: Commissionees who no longer do commissions, please note the group, so we can remove you from this list!





Headshot : 100
Halfbody : 200
Fullbody : 300
Traditional arts are half the price of the mentioned ones.

More info :…

semi-realism and anime~
Waist up: 6USD/480:points:
Chibi: 2.50USD/200:points:
Full body: 10USD/800:points:
Double for adding color (watercolor, copic, or colored pencil)
More info here:…

:icontamabit: Send a note!


:points: Points Commissions
:bulletpurple: Sketch: 10-25 points
:bulletpurple: Coloured: 20-35 points
More info: alexieithevampire.deviantart.c…


Chibi commissions 10 :points:, bust up sketch for 20 :points:
More info:…

Price range 10-50:points:
More info:…




Doing $5 Chibi commissions!

Note them if interested.


Offers sketches and digital drawings with various formats, anime style.
Start from US$2/100 :points:

Accepts points, subscriptions, and paypal.
Info: arthur-on-ikarisa.deviantart.c…

:new: :iconasukakyubi:
Point Commissions ranging from 250-600 at base price!


Coloured busts for $5!
for example:…
Male or female characters (original or fanart), $5 per character
Accepts paypal or concealed cash in the mail, note them if you're interested!

ACEO: 5$ (full color)
Sketch: 3-5$ (Headshot or waist-up)
Lineart: 7$ (Chibi or waist up)
Colored Pencils: 15-25$ (Chibi and Regular)
Copic Colored: 15-30$ (Chibi and Regular)
Digital Colored: 20-30$ (Chibi and Regular)
More info and examples here!…

More info:…



Starting from 5 :points: for lineart to 10 :points: for coloured works.


Info: beyondthegrave1986.deviantart.…

:new: :iconblacksun999:
Quality Paypal Commissions! $3-$19 at base prices!

:new: :iconisaiahbroussard:
Traditional Paypal Commissions! $3-$100 at base prices!




Joint commission!


Just send a note, conversation is a starting point to everything.
:bulletblue: Sketch - £5
:bulletblue: Full Colour - £30

:bulletred: Full-color
:bulletred: Chibi 5$
:bulletred: Only Paypal
:bulletred: Details and Gallery


B&W (Pencils, Linearts and maybe with Grayscale Markers)= $5
Color (Copics and colored pencils) = $10
Watercolor = $15

All of these prices are for simple backgrounds and a max of 2 characters. For a detailed background, add $5, for each character after the 2, add $3 each.</b>

More info

:new: :iconcokesoap:
$5 for everything! :D


More information ->…



Prices start from $2.
More info.

Paypal commissions, anime/semi-realism. Mostly pencil linearts and watercolours, but talk to the artist about digital art
More info:…

Does website commissions starting from $15.

Commissions with lots of options, prices starting from $10.

More info


The prices are pretty cheap, starting from 10 :points:
Visit their page for more info!






- [HOT] Give me your picture and i will adjust your real image to become a OC or anything in SEMI-REALISTIC STYLE (example: you stand next to a Pikachu , or you are an Sagistarus Man,Mermaid Girl....)


Price range are:
clean sketch Commission: 5-8 $/character
CG artwork Commission : 11-15$/character
Copic Commission : 13-17$/character
Additional background price : 10-15$/artwork.



- All kinds of commissions open
- Not too much explict
- Regular watchers get occasional free commissions.





Uses cartoonish-anime style.



Commissions starting from $3!
Note them if interested.
More info:…







Accept PayPal. Points are only for Sketch Commissions.
Prices range from $2 to $60.
And 200-500 :points: for Sketch Commissions.


Does Adventure Time styled, as well as anime style commissions.


Prices start from $4.
More info:…


Here's their info:

Head Shots - $5
Bust Ups - $10
Full Body - $20
Detailed Bust Up with Detailed background - $30
Detailed Full Body with detailed background - $40

Color add $5, extra character add $3

Screen tone is free if you chose black and white!

GOOD QUALITY, FAIR PRICE. subby/paypal payment
:bulletgreen: Special Commission: $11 - Full Body & Background - (Link TBC)
:bulletgreen: Normal Commission:…




Price range from $5
Doing anime/semi-realism/cartoon style.
Check their profile for more information.



Quality digital watercolor and semirealistic commission from 10 EURO+

Lots and lots of catagories.
More info:…

1 to 5 dollar commissions.
More info:…
Raffle, also held by the same member:…


Coloured commissions starting from 15 :points:, and is always open.
More info :…


Points Commission:
:bulletblue:Sketchy Headshot : 80 points {equivalent to $1}
:bulletblue: Regular Headshot : 140 points {equivalent to $2}
:bulletblue: Experimental Bust-up : 280 points {equivalent to $3.50}
:bulletblue: More info
:bulletblue: Kiriban+Freebies info

:bulletred:Colour full body commissions start from $10
More Info + Prices:…




"I can draw your OC's for you and I promise you that I will put my heart into drawing your character and do a clean job as well.  All of my commissions will be digital."

Prices range from 150 :points: to 469 :points:
More info:…


1 point = a llama badge
10 points = a sketch with textured background
20 points = a headshot of one character with or without textured background ( traditional or digital )
25 points = a drawing of one character with no background ( digital only )
35 points = a drawing of one character with textured background ( digital only )
50 points = a drawing of one character with simple background. ( traditional or digital )
100 points = a drawing of one character with detailed background. ( traditional or digital )
200 points = a drawing of up to 3 characters with detailed background. ( traditional or digital )


Negotiable based on how much you can afford/what you want done
Digital only
Animals/Furries/Anthros are more expensive.


Offers both pencil sketches and colour pencilled works.
Prices start from 10 :points:
More info:…

Cheaply priced but very nice.
More info:…

Prices are between 40:points: - 200:points:




Prices range from 5 :points: to 20 :points:, with extra additions to your commission ranging from 1 :points: to 6 :points:.
More info on their page.

Kimir-ra has an array of different mediums for you to choose from, all with reasonable pricing.
More info:…

20 points=digital sketch
30 points=lineart
40 points=coloured drawing with simple shading without bg
50 points=coloured drawing with shading with simple bg
15 points=chibi sketch
40 points=coloured chibi with shading with simple bg
+1 character = +10 points
More info:…


Prices range from 10 to 200 :points:, in traditional and digital style, with chibis starting at 10 :points: to 200 :points: for fullbody art.

Specializes in fullbody, waist up coloured and sketched.

Paypal and point commissions. All prices are negotiable!

:bulletblue: 5-20 :points: sketch or doodle <traditional or digital> :D :D
or 10 faves and 5 comments on your gallery
:bulletblue: 20-30 :points: Line art <traditional or digital>
or 15 faves and 5 comments on your gallery
:bulletblue: 35-60 :points: colored , with simple background <digital>
or 20 faves, 5 comments and a watch
:bulletblue: 60-90 :points: colored or black and white, with detailed background <traditional>
or 25 faves, 10 comments and a watch
:bulletblue: 70-90 :points: semi-realistic drawings <digital or traditional>

Commissions info:…

Anything but yaoi, yuri and animals (will do anthro)
Also writing commissions and jewellery! How cool is that!
or more info go to their page and read the information under the Phoenix Wing (you can't miss it)
Note YKajitaka for more details



Watercolour commissions, starting from $20!
More info:…


Chibi to Full body, sketches to coloured!
Pricing starts from 3 :points:
More info:…



Commissions ranging from 10 :points: to 100 :points:
Note them for further information!



Accepts Cash Only
Quick sketch + minimal colors (Eq. [link])= $3
Bust + color = $5
Fullbody+color = $15
Photomanipulations* = $10
All inclusive (1 Full Person/Full Background/ Full Color) = $25



Available until I draw 100 characters.
:points: and Cash
- Chibi and animal Sketches- 40 or $0.50
- Chibi and animals colored. Regular character sketch- 80 or $1
- Regular Character sketch colored- 160 or $2

More Information:







Mini Chibis!
Normal commissions!

Doing fully colored sketch commissions at $15, be it an OC, fanart or a portrait.

Send a note to 'em if interested!



Chibi commissions (send a note for other commissions)


3/4-body and chibi point commission.
Prices start from 40 :points:!
3/4-body sample:…
Chibi sample:…

Full information:…


More Info + Prices:…

:new: :iconorokay:
Point Commissions! 10-80 at base price!



Does anime, semi-realism and realism, with prices starting from $8.
More info :…

:iconpaleblood: CURRENTLY CLOSED
:bulletgreen: Normal Commission Info:…
:bulletgreen: Special Commission Info:…

Commissions for only 20 points for now!
Check their ID


Dot eye chibi- 80 :points: /$1 USD + 20:points:/.20c per additional character (max 3)
Anime eye chibi- 160 :points:/ $2 USD + 50 :points:/.40c per additional character (max 3)
+ 30 :points:/.30c if you want it to blink
Pixel- 40:points:/.40c
Custom box background- 60 :points:/.60c

Anime - Cell Shaded digital drawing
Start from : 10$
Paypal only


Semi-realism and Manga - Anime
Traditional (Pencil and Watercolor)
Cash commission (Paypal only)


Commission info:…




Special commission info
These are $2 busts.

Standard commissions.

More info:…


Open for chibi commission!
examples/ prices/ More info : [link]
Only Paypal/ Euros


Looking for more work and getting money along the way.
Commissions range from $5 to $15.



:bulletpink: Quick Price list:…
:bulletpink: Commission Page:…



:bulletblue:Bust sketch: 2USD
:bulletblue:Full body character sketch: 5USD
:bulletblue:Bust flat colour: 4USD
:bulletblue:Full body character flat colour: 9USD




10 EUR couple commission
More info:…


Reasonably priced and much to choose from.
More Info:…


10 :points:-Chibi Commission
15 :points:- Head to Waist Commission
20 :points:- Fullbody Commission -> Example:

More info and slot availablity->…


basic prices reach from 200 to 1500 dA Points and the first three customers get an extra pencil sketch headshot.

This artist has a hoard of different catagories for you to choose from.  Have a look.
More Info:…





:bulletblue:Chibis $6/char
:bulletpink:Pokemon $6/char
:bulletpink:Half-body: $9/char
:bulletpink:Full-body: $12/char
More info here:…


Prices begin from $3 up to $15 USD.
Now including points! Ponts ranging from 10 :points: to 50:points:




:icontacchan-king: CURRENTLY CLOSED
Read through their entire journal page as there are DO's and DON'Ts they would like to notify you about, not just prices.
More Info:…


Prices ranging from $8 USD - $ 35 USD

Samples:… |…

Paypal information

:bulletorange:Sketch Drawing $5
:bulletorange:Lineart Drawing &10
:bulletorange:Color Drawing $20
:bulletorange:To send Orinigal would be an extra $3
More info:…


Sketch Chibis: 20 :points:
Chibis: 150 :points:

More info:…




Multiple Options.…


Paypal commissions with info and examples here:…
PLEASE read their rules first!
- Paypal Only
- The payment must be include the paypal fee. To calculate the fee, check this link.
- Commission start after you pay the payment
- I will show you the sketch , you can ask me to fix it
- I will send psd or any file format to you after you satisfied the art
- No profitable use
- No porn

Please note Reisetyun if you're interested


Prices start from $3.
Payment through Paypal, and if you're interested, please note them.






Paypal digital commissions, prices start from 10 €/14$






Offering $1 OC sketches to help out a loved one. Info
Regular comm

Point commissions starting from 500 :points:

Headshot, bust, partial, body, full body, background or without background,1 chara or more charas, traditional or digital.


:iconxskyskipper: all commissions under $10


Does point commissions that range from 10 to 100+
Does anthros, sonic, anime, keroro gunso/sgt frog, and psg style.


Send a note!

:iconcifix: Re-opened!
6 slots limit!
More info at:…





Black and white commissions for group funding.:iconhideplz:…

Drop me a note if interested.


Cheapest commission starts from 7$ and goes to 36$ maximum.


:icontacchan-king: CURRENTLY CLOSED More Info:…
:iconfattyowls: Spaces Available:…



Please send a note to the group to be added to the list- NOT a comment! - with a link to your commission info. It's hard to keep track of comments on the journal posts! Keep in mind it is YOUR responsibility to tell us when/if you are no longer taking commissions.  We won't keep an eye on this for you :)

Good luck everyone, and have fun.
More Journal Entries



The White Rabbit


The Holy Ones


OCrit Crew


Recent Journal Entries

OC-M Of The World

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:star:OCPiggy Our little piggy bank is still collecting points to try and get our super group status back.:star:

PIGGY STATUS: 1055/4798

Additional Info:
:bulletred: Submit your join requests once only. Unless it has been stated in your Correspondence messages that it has expired, DO NOT send in the SAME request more than once.

Besides, sending in the same request more than once would only increase the number of stuff we have to approve and makes the approval of your join/submission slower.

You can only submit two images a week to this group. Make it count.
Unless you are a comic folder owner.

:bulletred: NO mature content is to be submitted to the group under any circumstances. We have children in the group.
:bulletred: Yaoi/Yuri art is only accepted under the premises that it is not mature in content.
:bulletred: Mild nudity of your characters can be posted, but if your character has their wang/lady-part on display, it will be declined without hesitation.
:bulletred: No extreme gore. Keep severed limbs and grotesque mutilation to yourself.
:bulletred: Abuse to each other or the staff will absolutely not be tolerated.
:bulletred: Please submit only your best works. You will now only be able to submit twice a week, so make it count. (If you submit to the wrong folder, ask nicely for it to be submitted and moved. Though it is at the discretion of the group staff whether they do or not).
:bulletred: Theft will have you instantly kicked from the group and you will also be reported to DA for the clear violation.
:bulletred: We have never accepted (consciously) sketch dumps in the past, we still won't now either. please take consideration in the art you submit to us as you only get to do it twice a week.
:bulletred: Adoptables are NOT allowed here. We're not about selling. However, if you have a piece of art you made of an adoptable that has been named, etc, then that is allowed.
:bulletblue: Please don't be afraid to come and ask us any questions, make suggestions or simply come for a chat!
:bulletblue: We ask everyone for their cooperation in keeping this group going smoothly and comfortably. Please help us by keeping an eye on the galleries for very rare cases of art theft, or in case we missed something nasty.
:bulletblue: On the off chance that we hold a challenge or competition, please join, it makes the group more fun for all of us.
:bulletblue:Interact with your fellow group members: We are not just a dumping ground, this group has been around for six years now, it would be sad if people had forgotten how to make friends as that is our routes. Friendship.
:bulletblue: If you have a comic that is at least 20 pages long. Please ask and we MIGHT assign you a folder to post one page daily in. These are temporary folders and will be deleted after 2 months if they become inactive.
:bulletblue: Continue to improve on your art.


:police: Please refrain from advertising your group on our homepage. If you wish to affiliate, then kindly maneuver your pointer to the Affiliate button on the left side of this page, or as stated, ask us. Thank you.

For more contests: :iconanothercontestgroup:
This group is officially part of :icongrouple:

If you wish to affiliate with us, please just ask and join us :)


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Sinattea Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No intention to spam, really, you must receive a lot of these per day, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind to feature this little work I put my heart into:…

Original characters and original story %100.

RoseDragonfire Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you could always join and submit it. *wink wink*

If you are really against joining, you did at least ask nicely, so I wouldn't mind putting it in our gallery...Oh, unless you mean the actual featured section, which we only use for contest winners? 0.0
Sinattea Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I would love to join; but I've been drawing so much fan-art lately that I'm afraid I'd be a poor contributor. I like to join groups only when I know I'll provide something 'cause I like being an active member.

But be sure that once I gather a decent amount of art inspired in my original stories I'll be hitting that button!! Thank you very much for inviting me. ^^
RoseDragonfire Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No, I understand, lol! ^^
I try to be active myself, but I haven't been drawing much lately in general. xD

I'd love to see you establish your original stories and join one day! Good luck with it all! If you send your art to be added to our gallery, I will allow it. ;D
Darkon360 Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Somvold Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi,regarding the page order of the comics,"Mecreada",page 3 should be after page 2 and may be I better submit one page at the time in order to sop bugging you guys so constantly.
RoseDragonfire Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fixed. :)
No worries. ^^
Somvold Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you.
Aquiliris Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi guys, is this group active? I was in one OC group before, but it wasnt, so I wanted to ask. ;)
RoseDragonfire Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No worries, we are. I'm slow with messages at times (as apparent by my 2-day absence), but my mods have been working hard, and I just started the group challenges again. At times we'll do events and contests as well. We'd love to have you. ;D
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